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By: Stephan | September 04, 2019

Greta sails in a high-tech boat to a UN meeting against climate change. This luxury (and obviously exciting) adventure causes more GHG emissions than a business flight, since the crew of the race boat has to fly intercontinentally. More importantly, there is no need to physically travel to such meeting, since there is internet. A saint would be supposed to show this by example. Rather than that, Greta has become the Mascot of the movement and her arrival in New York almost looked like the Pope visiting a catholic country.

Holy Sea on a quiet day

By: Stephan | August 22, 2019

The world has large improvement potential to become a better place. Better is defined here as improving social and environmental conditions as defined e.g. by UN in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the Paris Agreement for combatting climate change, and basic human rights.

Active Coal Mine "Garzweiler" in Germany - Truly bad?

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